Faculty Members' Highlights

Faculty Members' Highlights

Our team of professors are not only engaged in academic research and teaching but are also involved in real world business activities. This page allows you to learn more about their professional experience outside of teaching.

  • Casting a Light on Dark Venues

    In recent years, trade in dark venues has increased. Also known as dark pools or alternative trading systems, dark venues are privately organized electronic trading platforms. They are often run by brokers and dealers who match buy and sell orders without the intermediation of market makers. Unlike public exchanges, or “lit” venues, trades on dark venues are not publicly displayed and information on orders is only shared after the trade has been executed and reported. Dark venues also differ from exchanges in that the majority of trades take place at the midpoint value.

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  • Power to the Stakeholders

    The treatment of workers in supply chains is frequently the most visible aspect of the growing demand for firms to disclose their ESG practices. But for many firms under constant pressure to boost profits, ensuring respect of human rights for workers in often distant supply chains is a challenge. Responsible sourcing and better monitoring of supply chains could help tackle the issue, but firms often have little incentive to take action that could lead to improvements.

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  • The Uninhibited Accountant: Prof. Derrald STICE

    From Medicine, to Marketing, to Economics, and eventually settling down with Accounting, the uninhibited soul of Dr. Stice has prevented him to be satiated by routine work in the private sector, but to explore the further regions of knowledge and to become the herald of innovation. Years of exploring the vast ocean of business disciplines, has Dr, Stice reached the bottom of its marina trench. He then realized that accounting is the foundation of the modern financial market. It is what keeps companies to be ethical, and what encourages investors to have faith in the market. While mastering the accounting skill of data analysis would greatly facilitate one to further advancing their expertise in finance, understanding the inseparable bond between accounting and ethics could even guide one to the path of earning righteous and sustainable income.

    2020 | Featured Faculty Know More
  • Cybersecurity Nightmares and How To Avoid Them

    Imagine you’re a successful executive at a large IT company. You’re in charge of security. Your decade-old firm is well established, selling complex, popular IT solutions to large corporations and government bodies. It’s an ordinary Saturday morning, you’re having your coffee and your phone rings. The caller informs you that your company has been subject to a massive cyberattack. Your company’s systems are compromised, and, worse, so are those of your customers. It’s your “nightmare moment”.

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  • A Shield with a Razor’s Edge: Understand the Pros and Cons of CDS With an Empirical Lens

    A research by Professor Dragon Youngjun Tang, Professor in Finance at HKU Business School and other co-authors discovers that banks using CDS for capital relief have effectively freed up extra capital for businesses, but at the same time are more likely to extend loans and build up riskier loan portfolios.

    2021 | Featured Faculty Know More
  • Dr. Shiyang Huang receives Faculty Outstanding Researcher Award 2020-21

    Dr. Shiyang Huang, Assistant Professor in Finance, is the recipient of the Faculty Outstanding Researcher Award 2020-21.

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  • Bridging Information Technologies with Business: Prof. Ye LUO

    Prof. Luo is a mathematician keen on applying machine learning theories in business use. More than a scholar, Dr. Luo is also a battle hardened consultant with rich experience working with numerous financial institutions.

    2019 | Featured Faculty Know More
  • To Improve Your Work Performance, Get Some Exercise

    Worldwide, 1.4 billion adults are insufficiently active, with one in three women and one in four men not engaging in adequate physical activity. In fact, there has been no improvement in physical activity levels since 2001, and physical inactivity is twice as bad in high-income countries than in low-income countries.

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  • After you. No, really.

    No matter where you live or who you are, if you’ve attended school, been on a sports team, played music, or made any kind of presentation ever, there is a core memory that we all share: being chosen to go first. That sinking feeling you get when you stand up and step into the unknown and start speaking, or playing, or demonstrating, or whatever, and all eyes are on you – because you’re the first one. The quiet terror that seeps in as people begin to assess you, the judges peering at you, the knowledge that everyone else has more time to prepare than you…It stays with you forever.

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  • Highly cited researcher 2020

    Professor Kevin Zhou, Chair of Strategy and International Business, has been named by Clarivate Analytics in the list of “Highly Cited Researchers 2020” among the world’s top researchers for five consecutive years since 2016.

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  • Art, Economics, Life: Prof. Jin LI

    Prof. Li originally planned to become an actuary as it was believed to be the best job for overall happiness. However, encountering the father of modern differential geometry, Shiing-Shen Chern, in a two-week research programme has become a turning point of Professor Li’s life.

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  • May the Force be with you

    Ding! These days, it seems that we live in a sea of nonstop, never-ending mobile notifications: every waking moment, we receive buzzes and pings that remind that we have to do things or be somewhere or respond to someone about something. Ding! But before you put your device in “do not disturb” mode, or throw your phone into the nearest body of water out of frustration, it would be wise to remember that some of these notifications are actively trying to help us lead healthier lives. However, because notifications are frequently ignored and often do not achieve their desired purpose, researchers are working hard to find new ways to make them more effective.

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  • How to Predict Popularity

    If the many functions of digital social media networks could be summed up in one word, it would likely be “sharing”. Through a myriad of apps and platforms, we share our thoughts, feelings, opinions, ideas, and more – with our friends and family, with our online social circles, with strangers, and even with companies.

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  • Prof. Hailiang Chen wins the Faculty Outstanding Researcher Award 2022-23

    Prof. Hailing Chen,Assistant Dean (Taught Postgraduate) and Professor in Innovation and Information Management, Faculty of Business and Economics wins the Faculty Outstanding Researcher Award 2022-23. Congratulations to Dr Hailing Chen, Associate Professor in Innovation and Information Management, for winning the Faculty Outstanding Researcher Award 2022-23. The Faculty Outstanding Researcher Award aims to honour and reward faculty members for having done excellent research and achieved international recognition in the field of business and economics.

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  • Solving the Coupon Conundrum

    Retail has increasingly moved online in recent years, accelerated by COVID. Competition has followed it, becoming just as competitive online as it is in bricks and mortar stores, perhaps more so. An online presence—whether it’s a company website or a mobile app, or both—allows marketers to access a wide range of online tools to draw attention to their company’s products and services and convince consumers to buy.

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  • The All-Rounded Talent: Prof. Tuan Quang PHAN

    While Prof. Phan asserts that he is never in the academic rat race, his dedication and interests towards science and technology have rewarded him the opportunity to major in computer science and electronics engineering at MIT with concentrations in business and economics. Excellent academic performances, mastery over technical skills, has brought Dr. Phan with other like-minded individuals to establish a start-up in software engineering during his sophomore years. Dr. Phan’s multitasking ability is very impressive. Few could manage to study three majors, run a start-up, prepare for job interviews, and win ball-room dancing competitions in tandem.

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  • Getting the best out of the gig economy

    The gig economy is growing at a fast rate. In 2022, 36 percent of working Americans—or about 58 million people—identified themselves as independent workers, up from an estimated 27 percent in 2016. In China in 2022[i], the number of gig workers was about a quarter of the workforce, or 200 million people. That number is predicted to double by 2036.

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