Student Ambassador & Student Clubs

Student Ambassador & Student Clubs

  • Student Clubs

    Student Clubs

    Student Clubs have been set up with the aim of equipping students to develop and present a successful business case through specialized programs. Students will learn to apply highly effective steps that cover the key functional areas of every business: operations, marketing, finance, and human resources. Students will be able to develop and practice their skills in the workplace. The Student Clubs also aim to promote activities and careers in related areas among the Masters’ community. Club officers (The Elite Club) will be offered a series of leadership training to equip them as future leaders. 

    - Business Thematic Clubs
    - Investment Banking and Finance Club
    - Private equity and VC Club
    - Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club
    - FinTech and Data Analytic Club
    - Global Marketing and Management Club

  • Student Ambassador Programme

    Our HKU Business School Masters Student Ambassadors are enthusiastic, passionate, outgoing, and knowledgeable. Ambassadors are very much interested in being leaders, while simultaneously working closely with students and the Student Enrichment Team. Ambassadors are responsible for taking the lead to plan and initiate student-led activities. Ambassadors will have a golden opportunity to meet and be inspired by global leaders and senior executives of different industries as well as establish a global mindset and work with students from different cultural backgrounds.