Words from Programme Director

Words from Programme Director
Prof. Kai Wai Hui

MAcct Programme Director

Questions of MAcct

Welcome to the Master of Accounting Programme at HKU Business School. Below are the 5 most frequently asked questions by our applicants and we have them answered by Prof. Hui for you to catch a glimpse of the MAcct Programme.

  • Q1 What is the most important element of learning for an accounting professional nowadays?

    It depends on the interests of the student. We cover several in-depth areas. In particular, our programme values leadership and analytic skills, as well as critical thinking. We would like students to become the future leaders of the profession.

  • Q2 What type of student is suitable to study the Master of Accounting Programme?

    Anyone who is interested in the accounting profession. We look for the qualified students with intellect, a good command of English, a career vision in accounting and finance and the confidence and dedication to achieve excellence.

  • Q3 I already have a bachelor degree or background in accounting, is it beneficial for me to study the Master of Accounting Programme?

    Another purpose of the programme is to establish cutting edge knowledge at an advanced level. Elective courses cover numerous accounting fields that bring you up to the graduate level. Accounting students will have course waivers and exemptions that allow them to leap to the advanced level. They may also take electives from other postgraduate programmes to enrich their knowledge.

  • Q4 I do not come from a business or commerce background, can I study the Master of Accounting Programme?

    The programme covers elements of basic accounting knowledge, making it suitable for non-business major students. The curriculum will be challenging for them, but well manageable given the guidance we give them.

  • Q5 Does the programme allow me to get practical industry insights from the industry?

    Our curriculum design is based on the most recent developments in the industry. There are also guest speakers and industry and career talks that bring about the latest developments. The curriculum has been updated over time to keep up with the latest global standards.