The University of Hong Kong has established the Institute for Climate and Carbon Neutrality (ICCN) as one of its initiatives to address the urgent and vital need for climate research and education. The Institute aims to spearhead global research and breakthroughs on climate-related topics, support local actions towards achieving carbon neutrality in Hong Kong, China and the world, and nurture climate leaders for the next generations.

By bringing leading climate scientists and experts together, ICCN is dedicated to creating climate solutions, advancing climate policy, facilitating dialogues, and educating future climate leaders for a healthier and more sustainable planet. ICCN aims to establish itself as a globally renowned platform for research, education, and public engagement on:

  • Climate Sciences
  • Impacts of Climate Change on Ecosystems and People
  • Technologies and Policies for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Please click here to visit the ICCN website for more information.