Advanced Research Stream

Advanced Research Stream

Advanced Research Stream

To enhance the research capability of MEcon students, HKU Business School has introduced a more research-oriented stream with effect from the 2021-22 academic year and thereafter. The new Advanced Research Stream stresses the cultivation of research capability and offers students with strong academic inclination real exposure to research.

The Advanced Research Stream is research focused and students are expected to produce one research paper of good quality which can be further developed into one of their PhD thesis chapters.

Students will take courses with PhD students and can work on their thesis under the supervision of faculty members in the economics area. They will also provide research assistance to their supervisors and other faculty members of this area.

Students being admitted to the Advanced Research Stream are recommended to complete the whole programme in two years.

  • Full Scholarship and Financial Aid
    • Scholarships (50%- 100% of tuition fees reduction) will be awarded to truly outstanding candidates being admitted that have completed the first year of the Advanced Research Stream
    • Potential paid research assistantship for the second 6 months of second year of Advanced Research Stream
  • Seamless path to PhD study
    • Priority admission to HKU PhD programme
    • Personalised supervisor matching with faculty members and research assistantship
    • Cutting-edge research training and guidance on PhD study
    • Active research environment with long-term collaborative research, within and outside the School
  • Admissions Requirements
    • Hold a recognised degree or equivalent, with a strong academic background and previous research works
    • Two referee statements from academic professors
    • A research statement on your field of interests and relevant skills
    • Writing sample (optional)
    • Obtain an English test score if you are not from an English-medium university, with a minimum score requirement of: TOEFL (80) or IELTS (6)
  • Curriculum Structure

    - 3 Core Courses 

    • Applied Econometrics / Econometric Theory I
    • Macroeconomic Theory
    • Microeconomic Theory

    - 3 Stream Core Courses (out of 5)

    • Game Theory and Applications
    • Monetary Policy: Theory and Practice
    • Quantitative Macroeconomics: Data, Model and Policy
    • Selected Topics in Macroeconomics I
    • Topics in Economic Research II

    - 2 Elective Courses (from MEcon elective courses list)

    - 1 Capstone Course - Research Thesis