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Master of Economics

Why Master of Economics

The Master of Economics Programme at the HKU Business School aims to introduce students to frontier developments in economics and to equip them with state-of-the-art analytical tools. Our comprehensive curriculum has multiple learning streams and helps students connect economic theory with real world business. As a student on this course, you will have the opportunity to take part in in-depth discussions and conduct studies on China economics from Hong Kong’s unique perspective. The school boasts a top-class teaching faculty with strong economists and outstanding alumni and mentors, as well as an active research environment, with long-term collaborative research opportunities available both within and outside the faculty. The programme also provides students with a strong foundation for PhD study, should they choose to continue their studies, and Master of Economics students can also apply to complete their PhD overseas through the Theory stream.

Words from Programme Director

Prof. Heng Chen
Programme Director
Master of Economics

Words from Students & Alumni

Mr. Leon Gronbach

Ms. Bella Li

Ms. Xuehuan Wang

Mr. Witold Smieszek

Mr. Andy Li

Mr. Hu Xing

Mr. Russle Xu

Ms. Emma Yang

Ms. Chen Xiang

Mr. Yunchou Zhang

Ms. Joanna Lu

Mr. Xiangshi Yin

Mr. Philips Ng

Ms. Tiffany Qiu

Ms. Heidi Fung