Words from Programme Director

Words from Programme Director
Prof. Rujing Meng
MFin Programme Director
MFFinTech Programme Director
Questions of MFFinTech

Welcome to the Master of Finance in Fincanical Technology Programme at HKU Business School. Below are the 5 questions from our candiates that answered by Prof. Meng for you to catch a glimpse of the MFFinTech Programme.

  • Q1 This masters programme is very interdisciplinary. What are the other faculties involved?

    Led by the HKU Business School, the Master of Finance in FinTech programme features a strong multidisciplinary training, with courses jointly offered by the Faculties of Engineering and Law. Students are able to acquire cutting-edge technical skills and a broad understanding of potential legal, economic and societal impacts of FinTech and digitalisation.

  • Q2 What type of student is suitable to study the Master of Finance in FinTech?

    The programme is designed for those who are interested in the financial technology sector, as they would learn new competencies in new technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain, etc. Students with computer science, engineering, mathematics, physics, statistics or science and technology related disciplines are highly preferred. Graduates are expected to be technologically adept, business savvy and able to offer innovative solutions to finance-related industries.

  • Q3 Why did we revamp the FinTech Stream under the Master of Finance to Master of Finance in Financial Technology?

    Due to the upcoming importance of FinTech in the industry, we wanted to provide a more comprehensive structure to our students. With our faculty’s rich experience in delivering the FinTech education through the previous Master of Finance FinTech stream and collaborating with the Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Law. The curriculum of this Master Programme enhances the learning experience, allowing our graduates to be more well-rounded in skills and expertise.

  • Q4 What is the difference between the Master of Finance and the Master of Finance in FinTech Programme?

    The Master of Finance in FinTech aims to nurture FinTech talents with quantitative and analytical skills as well as practical experience, by employing technological innovations in financial practices.

  • Q5 What are the job opportunities?

    The financial sector is evolving rapidly in the digital age. The onslaught of data and powerful computing power demands new thinking and continuous innovation. FinTech startups and established companies have to adopt new ways of thinking and anticipate what will come next in response to this technology evolution. FinTech jobs are in high demand.