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Master of Global Management

Why Master of Global Management

The Master of Global Management programme at the HKU Business School offers a comprehensive curriculum that incorporates individual, organisational and national knowledge pertinent to effective management of global issues. Companies are starting to grow and leverage talents over the globe, which means that having the means and ability to work with people from different nationalities is becoming essential. The MGM Master programme is designed to help students develop global management problem solving skills and enhance their ability to manage and work with people from a widening spread of backgrounds in a global context. There is a strong industry demand for global management skills, due to rapid globalisation, and these skills are becoming an important competence for future leaders.

Words from Programme Director

Prof. Chun Hui
Programme Director
Master of Global Management

Words from Students & Alumni

Ms Sunny Qin

Mr. Jack Guo

Ms. Daisy Han

Ms. Richelle Chua

Ms. Marie Dupont

Ms. Willow Wang

Ms. Anna Ricci

Ms. Muskan Agarwal

Mr. Philip Schurings

Mr. Jonathan Wu

Mr. Florian Duarte