Words from Programme Director

Words from Programme Director
Prof. Chun Hui
MGM Programme Director
Questions of MGM

Welcome to the Master of Global Management Programme at HKU Business School. Below are the 5 most frequently asked questions by our applicants and we have them answered by Prof. Hui for you to catch a glimpse of the MGM Programme.

  • Q1 The difference between global management and just management?

    The study of management draws on management research and practices, whilst the study of global management focuses on applying these management skills and knowledge to managing in global contexts. The understanding of the complexities inherent in individuals, teams and organisations across nations has become increasingly important in recent years.

  • Q2 I’m a fresh graduate, by taking the Master of Global Management what skills can I obtain in being a manager?

    On this programme you will learn problem solving skills, learn to look at the world from multiple perspectives and also enjoy working as a team with other classmates. The ability to deal with people of diverse backgrounds and nationalities both internally and externally to an organisation is key for career advancement and success.

  • Q3 How can I obtain the required soft skills to deal with people of diverse backgrounds throughout the programme?

    The Master of Global Management programme is taught through various teaching methods. You will attend lectures, cases and workshops with renowned professors and guest lecturers, as well as involve yourselves in student engagement.

  • Q4 Does the programme focus on soft skills only?

    No. There are specific knowledge and skills regarding organisational practices such as those provided in International Human Resource Management, but also foundational skills such as that provided in Creative Global Management Problem Solving.

  • Q5 Are there any opportunities for us to have more practical industry experiences?

    The programme will facilitate, but not provide, internships. There will be ample opportunities to learn about industries and real world organisations as many instructors use business cases and share their practical experiences and insights.