Capstone Course

Capstone Course

The capstone project is one of the core courses offered by the HKU MSc(BA). It is usually towards the end of the programme, which allows you to integrate and apply the knowledge and techniques you have learned in previous courses to a real-world business analytics project. You will be assigned to a reputable corporation within the region and work as a team with your colleagues and dedicated faculty advisor, using actual data to tackle business challenges. You will gain solid experience in data mining, analysis and visualisation, and deliver applicable solutions to clients in the final project presentation.

The workflow of Capstone Project

Match Team with Client

The Analytics Triangle

Case Sharing

Client Problem Presentation & Project Scoping

Preliminary Project Proposal & Initial Research Briefing

Final Project Presentation & Client Comments

Corporate Connections

Beijing Prism Private Fund Management
CLP Power Hong Kong
Dah Chong Hong
Datago Technology
DFS Group
FWD Group
Hang Seng Bank
Hashkey Capital
HKSAR Water Supplies Department
Huazhu Hotels Group
Hutchison Telecomm.
ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China)
KPMG International
Lane Crawford
Micro Connect
MuWu Barbeque
Ping An Technology
Polymer Capital
Queen Elizabeth Hospital
TAL Education Group
WeChat Pay HK
Y2 Capital
YAS Microinsurance
Yili Group
Yuu/Dairy Farm
and more...

Learn more about our Capstone Project

Understand more about our Capstone Project for Master of Science in Business Analytics from our Capstone Course leader, Prof. Haipeng Shen.

In addition, hear from our 1) faculty advisor on how he guides and supports the students; 2) the comments from our clients and 3) our students overall comments about the course!

Department Manager, Consumer and Market Knowledge, P&G

Our group’s project at Tencent was to help their HR department's Vitality Laboratory create a programme with two major goals. One was to increase the efficiency of their recruitment process by creating a user-friendly interface. The second was to help them make better hiring decisions. This was achieved by analysing the interview and assessment test data to predict the percentage rate of hiring, retention, and breach of contract by employees. Fortunately, we had learned various models in our previous MSc(BA) courses which helped build our foundation for the project. In order to meet Tencent’s requirements, we had to enhance our algorithm skills and learn MockingBot (a user interface software programme). To step up our game, we utilised Focusky to create our final presentation to Tencent’s leadership. The Capstone course was really a joint team effort from all of our group members and we were pleased to get the recognition from our assessors. At the end, Tencent’s leadership invited us to continue to support the project as it entered the implementation stage.

Ms. Nicole Niu Class of 2019

Marketing Management Trainee, Unilever

The MScBA Programme at HKU has many advantages that nothing else can match. The most attractive thing is that when finishing all courses, students will be blessed with the opportunity to work in a top company (e.g. HKSE, Tencent) as a capstone. There is no other university in Hong Kong which has such a source of training for their students. Moreover, HKU has the best faculty members in Asia. Nearly all professors have graduated from top business schools (e.g. Wharton, Columbia) and being taught by such excellent teachers, you will be exposed to the cutting-edge technology in business analytics all the time. Besides that, a benefit from the diversity of the HKU Business School is that it offers students the freedom to choose electives. Whatever aspect of business you like, you can deepen your knowledge here.

It turns out to have been absolutely right that I chose HKU, even though I received many offers from other schools. From my personal relationships with people who study business analytics in the US, I feel that our lessons are even more technical and cover more details in data mining and processing. In module 3, I enrolled in Social Media and Digital Analytics. You cannot imagine how joyful it is to sit on the bench by the sea and participate in a group discussion with the cleverest students in the world.

Mr. Xavier Tan Class of 2020