Words from Programme Director

Words from Programme Director
Prof. Tak Zhongqiang Huang

MSc(Mktg) Programme Director

Questions of MSc(Mktg)

Welcome to the Master of Science in Marketing Programme at HKU Business School. Below are the 5 most frequently asked questions by our applicants and we have them answered by Prof. Huang for you to catch a glimpse of the MSc(Mktg) Programme.

  • Q1 Is the programme based on theory and concepts only? What practical aspects are there?

    The programme combines both practice and theory. Plenty of real-world business examples will be used to illustrate the marketing concepts and theories using up-to-date cases and students will be required to apply the learned theories and concepts in exercises and projects.

  • Q2 What type of student is most suitable to study marketing?

    Students who are outgoing, curious, people-oriented and communicative are generally more suitable to study marketing. The programme is designed to help students with a prior business / marketing background to deepen their marketing knowledge and equip non-business students with the necessary marketing knowledge and skills to develop a business career.

  • Q3 With technology advancements and the change of habit towards online activities, how can the Master of Science in Marketing help match the trend?

    Our faculty stays at the forefront of the latest marketing tech and digital-cultural trends by providing multiple courses on technology and online consumer behaviours. Beyond this, we give students a firm grounding in the scientific theory and thinking behind marketing (e.g., statistical analyses and social science theory), which once mastered, provide students with a lifetime of value.

  • Q4 How will taking a specific stream benefit my career in Marketing?

    Choosing either the Strategic Marketing Stream or the Quantitative Marketing Stream offers unique advantages for your marketing career. The Strategic Marketing Stream equips you with essential skills in branding, advertising, customer relationship management, and marketing channel management, enabling you to excel in roles that require a comprehensive understanding of marketing strategies and consumer behavior. Alternatively, the Quantitative Marketing Stream focuses on consumer data analysis, algorithms, platform business models, technology innovations in retail banking and consumer finance, empowering you to leverage big data and analytics to drive marketing insights to inform marketing decisions. The two streams allow you to pursue topics in marketing that you are more interested in and consider suitable for your career goal.

  • Q5 Marketing is very culture specific. After studying the programme, would I be able to apply the knowledge and skills learned outside of Hong Kong?

    The programme is designed to cover marketing knowledge at both a global level and a local adaptation (Hong Kong and Mainland China). The programme provides an understanding on how business models must transform and adapt to the local markets.