Unless advanced standing is granted, candidates normally need to take a total of ten courses, each carries 6 credits, comprising six core courses (inclusive of one capstone course) and four elective courses. A list of electives will be announced at the beginning of each module.

Curriculum Structure of Master of Climate Governance and Risk Management
Fundamental Core Courses (Five Courses)
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  1. Climate Change Policy
  2. Climate Data Science and Analysis
  3. Climate International Development and Management 
  4. Climate Solutions and Innovation 
  5. Global Ecology and Climate System
Elective Courses (Four Courses)
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  1. Carbon Accounting and ESG
  2. Climate Change Law
  3. Climate Data Remote Sensing
  4. Climate Risk and Investment
  5. Public Heath and Climate Impact
  6. Sustainable Urban Planning and Green Building
Capstone Course (One Course)
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  1. Climate Risk and Sustainability Strategies

1. Not all of the courses listed above will necessarily be offered each year and the above list is subject to further adjustments.
2. The proposed streams of concentration are subject to the University Senate's approval.