Students can choose to concentrate in one of the streams Data Analysis, Policy Analysis, Theory or Advanced Research, according to their interests and career aspirations. 

- The Data Analysis Stream aims to provide more in-depth data analysis training to students who intend to work in this field. 

- The Policy Analysis Stream is suitable for those who are interested in using the economic perspective to understand and evaluate public policies. 

- The Theory Stream is designed to prepare students for their PhD study afterwards by providing PhD course training. 

- The Advanced Research Stream focuses on the cultivation of research capabilities. 

Students with a strong academic inclination will be offered exposure to research activities. Students on the Advanced Research Stream will follow a different set of curriculum structure than below, find out more here.

Students are required to complete a total of 10 courses including:

3 Core
Core Courses

Applicants with a Non-Economics Background

The HKU MEcon programme welcomes candidates from different academic backgrounds. Those admitted without an economics background are required to complete a summer preparatory programme to strengthen the foundational knowledge before starting the programme. Assessments will be conducted at the end of the summer preparatory programme and students are required to attend all classes and pass all assessments.

Non-Econ Track
Boot Camp
Candidates who are required to complete a boot camp would be identified when reviewers make the admission decision and notified in the offer letter as part of the conditions.
Purpose: To ensure that students with non-economics background has the foundational
knowledge and skills required to succeed in the Master of Economics programme.
3 Preparatory Courses
- Microeconomics (Online)
- Macroeconomics (Online)
- Computation and Analysis of Economic Data*
Students are required to pass all the tests at the end of each subject
*Only contains first half of the course (ECON6067 Computation and Analysis of Economic Data),
students can take the course for 6 credits if they also complete the second half of the course.

Curriculum Structure of Master of Economics
Core Courses (Three Courses) + Stream Core Courses (Three Courses)
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Data Analysis Stream
Policy Analysis Stream
Advanced Research Stream
Theory Stream
Core Courses (3)

Microeconomics (Choose one)
Advanced Microeconomics
Microeconomic Analysis
Microeconomic Theory^

Microeconomic Theory

Macroeconomics (Choose One) 
Advanced Macroeconomics
Macroeconomic Analysis
Macroeconomic Theory^

Macroeconomic Theory

Econometrics (Choose one)

Applied Econometrics
Econometric Theory I

Stream Core Courses (3)

Data Analysis Stream
 (Choose 3)

Policy Analysis Stream (Choose 3)

Advanced Research Stream │
Theory Stream (Choose 3) 

  • Causal Inference 
  • Computation and 
    Analysis of Economic Data 
  • Digital Economy and 
    Big Data Analysis 
  • Economic Forecasting
  • Textual Analysis for Economists

  • Competition, Regulation 
    and Business Strategy
  • Economic Growth 
    and Development 
  • Economic Policy I
  • Economic Policy II
  • International Macroeconomics and Finance
  • Programme Evaluation for Policy Makers
  • Advanced Topics in Labor
  • Game Theory and Applications
  • Monetary Policy: Theory 
    and Practice
  • Quantitative Macroeconomics: 
    Data, Model and Policy
  • Quantitative Macroeconomics: 
    Data, Model and Policy
  • Selected Topics in Macroeconomics I
  • Selected Topics in Macroeconomics II
  • Topics in Economic Research II#

Remarks:  #This course can be used to satisfy the Stream Core requirement and Capstone requirement for candidates in the Theory Stream.

Elective Courses (Three Courses)
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Candidates can choose electives from a list of courses from Master of Economics and other HKU Business School Masters Programmes.

Capstone Course (One Course)

Data Analysis Stream
Policy Analysis Stream
Theory Stream
Research Stream
Advanced Topics 
in Applied Econometrics
Advanced Topics 
in Economics Policy
Topics in Economics Research II#
Research Thesis

Not all of the courses listed above will necessarily be offered each year and the above list is subject to further adjustments.

^ For candidates with strong undergraduate training in economics and mathematics
# This course can be used to satisfy the Stream Core requirement and Capstone requirement for candidates in the Theory Stream
* Can be taken as an elective course provided that it is not chosen as a core/capstone course
** Up to two elective courses may be taken from other taught postgraduate programmes offered by HKU Business School. Subject to availability and review by the Programme Director based on students' profile, capabilities, and performance in the Master of Economics programme