The HKU Master of Global Management is built on three groups of modules that incorporate individual, organizational and national knowledge pertinent to effective management of global issues.

The courses will be delivered by faculty members from HKU and other top overseas universities as well as highly experienced top executives.

Students are required to complete a total of 10 courses including:


Core Courses


Elective Courses


Capstone Course


Total Courses

Curriculum Structure of Master of Global Management
Core Courses (Five Courses)
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  1. Dynamics of Multinational Corporations
  2. Entrepreneurship in Multinational Corporations
  3. Global Management from Economics Perspectives
  4. Issues in Current Global Management and Executive Leadership
  5. Managing Across Cultures

Electives Courses (Four Courses)
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Master of Global Management Electives * (Minimum 1)  

  1. Business Lab
  2. China Business Environment
  3. Company Field Trip
  4. Creating an Integrative Perspective on the Understanding of Global Management: Journey to C Suite
  5. Creative Global Management Problem Solving
  6. Economics of Strategy and Organisation
  7. Formulation Global Strategy
  8. International Business Environment
  9. International Human Resource Management
  10. Knowledge Management in Global Contexts
  11. Leadership in Film
  12. Management Analytics
  13. Negotiation and Conflict Management
  14. Serendipitous Forces
  15. Strategy in the Digital World
  16. Storytelling: Global Business Communication
  17. Business Lab

ESG Electives Courses * (Minimum 3) 

  1. Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility
  2. ESG Reporting: Concepts and Practices
  3. Green Finance and ESG (an elective course from the Master of Finance programme)
  4. Impact Investing in Sustainable Technologies
  5. Reinventing Management in Global Capitalism
  6. Social Value and the Humanity of Leadership
  7. Sustainable Management and Responsible Investment
  8. Workplace Wellness
  9. Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility

Other Masters Programmes Elective Courses **

  1. Master of Accounting
  2. Master of Economics
  3. Master of Finance
  4. Master of Finance in Financial Technology
  5. Master of Science in Business Analytics
  6. Master of Science in Marketing
  7. Business Lab
Capstone Course (One Course)
  1. Strategy for International Business

Not all of the courses listed above will necessarily be offered each year and the above list is subject to further adjustment.

* Students may choose to concentrate in the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Stream according to their interests and career aspirations. To graduate with the ESG stream, students are required to take a minimum of three of the ESG elective courses.
** Up to three elective courses may be taken from other taught postgraduate programmes offered by the School, subject to availability and review by the Programme Director based on students' profile, capabilities, and performance in the Master of Global Management Programme.