The programme is composed of three groups of modules on (1) marketing insights, (2) analytical tools, and (3) decision framework for marketing professionals.

It is strategy-oriented with well-rounded training to sharpen your analytical, communication and intellectual skills. Ethics and sustainability issues with a corporate profit-making orientation are also embedded in the programme.

Students are required to complete a total of 10 courses including:


Core Courses


Elective Courses


Capstone Course


Total Courses

Curriculum Structure of Master of Science in Marketing
Core Courses (Four Courses)
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  1. Applied Marketing Research and Metrics
  2. Consumer Insights
  3. Marketing Management
  4. Digital Marketing
  5. Applied Marketing Research and Metrics
Elective Courses (Five Courses)
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Master of Science in Marketing Electives

  1. Acting on Consumer Insights: Learning Through Case Analysis and Experiential Learning Projects 
  2. China Marketing 
  3. Digital Transformation for Marketing Organization
  4. International Study Field Trip 
  5. Organizational Leadership

Strategic Marketing Stream*

  1. Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communication
  2. Branding Strategy
  3. Corporate Communications1 
  4. Customer Management
  5. Entrepreneurial Marketing
  6. ESG and Marketing for Social Impact
  7. Global Marketing
  8. Global Technology and New Product Strategies
  9. International Business Environment
  10. Platform Business Models and the Sharing Economy
  11. Services Marketing and Management

Quantitative Marketing Stream*

  1. Algorithms, Big Data and Online Marketplaces
  2. Big Data Consumer Analytics
  3. Business Simulation
  4. Digital Experimentation in Marketing2
  5. Foundational Quantitative Skills in Marketing
  6. Pricing Strategies and Tactics
  7. Python for Marketing Analytics1
  8. Social Media Marketing2
  9. Technology Innovations in Retail Banking and Consumer Finance

Other Masters Programmes **

  1. Master of Accounting
  2. Master of Economics
  3. Master of Finance
  4. Master of Finance in Financial Technology
  5. Master of Global Management
  6. Master of Science in Business Analytics
  7. Master of Accounting
Capstone Course (One Course)
  1. Marketing Strategy Simulation

Not all of the courses listed above will necessarily be offered each year and the above list is subject to further adjustment.

* The subject is currently pending university approval. Candidates may choose to concentrate in one of the streams by taking a minimum of three of the stream elective courses. Candidates who do not choose to concentrate in any of the above streams can take any five elective courses offered during the academic year. A list of electives will be announced at the beginning of each module.
** Up to two elective courses may be taken from other taught postgraduate programmes offered by the School, subject to availability and review by the Programme Director based on students' profile, capabilities, and performance in the Master of Science in Marketing Programme.
Note 1: Course proposals under preparation
Note 2: Course proposals under review